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01 Feb 2019

Controversial Coin Questions #4 Conclusion

| copper coin collector


Controversial Coin Question #4's answers were relatively one-sided. I know there are a few medal and token collectors around, but I didn't get any answers from them. The question was: "coin collecting, medal collecting, token collecting, or all of the above?"

Your answers were:

6 of 9 for all of the above
3 of 9 for coin collecting

This means 67% of you collect all of the above...
...And 33% of you collect mostly coins!

If I got anything wrong, then please tell me in the comments, and I will change it. Also, If you get your answer in late, then I will include it.

Thanks for reading,
      copper coin collector



Level 6

The really controversy here should be why only 9 out of 15,488 members of the ANA answered your question. Really people...

It's Mokie

Level 6

LOL, so true!!!!!


Level 6

I like Mockiechan's idea.


Level 6

I agree with Mokiechan, . I do like what you are doing.


Level 7

I think it's the impulse buyers. They don't check the negative feedback don't read it or the neutral. They don't check the profile. And many dealers are theives. If They have been there ten years and have zero complaints that's a seller. I had one problem with a seller years ago had my money back in a week. That's there money back guantee. I have seven sellers.I do business with. I'm looking for a coin. All seven long time sellers red star sellers and zero complaints. You have a problem they settle it. But again You have to search these sellers out. Not every seller is bad. But there are bad sellers everywhere shows and dealers. When the show goes so does your money. You just have to be careful no matter where you buy. And if I buy a raw coin it's off its seven sellers list. If I don't know a seller I will buy slabed If they are good sellers. You can save allot of money especially with the auctions. But even there he must me an honest seller. Like anything else. be careful do your research there are good and there are bad sellers. It's up to you. I don't like it when a seller has three hundred complaints and ebay let's them stay they should be thrown off . Got ahead of the question Sorry about that. Well if you make it a blog I already have my opinion in advance. Thanks Moekichan. . Mike.


Level 6

Back in the old days, before eBay even thought of PayPal, if you got 5 negatives you were kicked off eBay.


Level 6

Mokiechan had a good idea.

I keep whatever interests me, lets have next time a very controversial debate maybe.

It's Mokie

Level 6

C C C you need to get real controversial for the next one. Here's a suggestion: Is ebay destroying our hobby? why or why not?


Level 4

All of the above, ..... but passion is Franklin Half Dollars.

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