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27 Apr 2019

NCW coin roll finds

| copper coin collector

Hello, everyone
I got 22 rolls of pennies on Thursday as a celebration for National Coin Week. I expected to find the usual 1940s and 1950s wheat pennies, as well as a possible 1930s or even 1920s wheat. However, what I found this time was a bit of a surprise. Following is my list of finds from least surprising to most surprising.

#11. 1974 "S" and 1972 "S" Memorial cents. I usually find a few "S" mintmarked Memorial cents in a roll hunt and always set them aside.

#10. 1952 "D" wheat cent. A very common issue that is commonly found in my hunts.

#9. 2 1946 Philadelphia wheat cents. I always find a few of these in an average hunt.

#8. 1 1944 wheat cent. Even though it has the highest mintage in the Wheat cent series, I usually don't find one in a hunt.

#7. 1968 Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco Memorial cents. I was surprised to find all 3 of these in one hunt, so I set them aside. I believe that the 1968 "S" is the lowest mintage circulation strike memorial cent.

#6. 1938 Wheat cent. Though it's a common issue, I don't find a lot of 1930s coins in my hunts (as I mentioned earlier in this blog).

#5. 1937 Wheat cent. This one is just a little older than the previous, but a lot less common in my list of finds.

#4. 1919 Wheat cent. A 100 YEAR OLD COIN??? This is one of the oldest coins I've found while roll hunting.

#3. 1957 "D" Unc. Wheat cent. I would classify this one as a MS-64 RB but there are a lot of scratches on it. This is the first Unc. Wheat I've found while roll hunting.

#2. 1918 Wheat cent. Before I found this coin, the aforementioned 1919 Wheat was the oldest wheat cent I've found while roll hunting. This one's just one year older.

#1. 1955 "S" UNC WHEAT CENT!! I would classify this as MS-64 RD or perhaps MS-65 RD. The only immediately noticeable blemish is a carbon spot around "IN GOD WE" on the top of the obverse.

All in all, this was a great coin hunt, and I hope I have a few more like it before June. If you've had any cool NCW roll hunting finds, then please tell me in the comments below!

Thanks for reading,
copper coin collector



Level 4

Congratulations! Those are some great finds.


Level 4

Now that is some mighty fine coin roll hunting!!!!


Level 5

Nice haul. That makes it worthwhile.

Great finds, This is why you always want to CRH, you never know what you will find. Great job, happy hunting!


Level 6

Great finds! What a fun week!


Level 4

Cool finds. Roll Hunting is a summer hobby for me. I'll start that up soon.

Impressive finds


Level 7

That's what in call a good deal. Good for you. I always tell this one. My wife went to the store. I always say let me see the change. Bingo a 1931 S in good shaoe. That was my rarest find. Good eyes. Keep up the good work.. Pat


Level 4

wow! hopefully because of the coin drops this week.


Level 4

Very nice!


Level 6

Sounds like a rewarding experience.


Level 6

The best coin I have found and also sent in to be slabbed is a 1969-D FS-01-1969D-901 Missing Designer's Initials. Before everyone gets excited, it has been debunked in the latest edition of the book. It is now considered a "full of grease" error. I still love it. It's in a nice ANACS slab. They do a lot of varieties the other big two do not. It was graded before the debunking.. Roll hunting is a passion of mine. I have several bank boxes to look through. I fell behind this winter.. Good hunting and congratulations!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Excellent Report 3C, I wonder if the 1918, 1919, and the 55S are result of the special coin releases this week. I hope so.

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