17 Dec 2018


I'm beginning to try to assemble a collection of common indian cents. Truth be told, I only have 1901, 1907, and 1887. Problem is, if you've ever looked on ebay to see indian cents, all you'll find is a ton of stuff that is overpriced and overgraded. If you have any information on where I can find good indian cents at a good price, please tell me.

Thanks for reading,
copper coin collector



Level 5

My recommendation is to search the indian head cent bucket at your local coin shop, if they have one. My coin dealer has a bucket for $1.80 each, and I can find plenty of coins worth the time in there


Level 5

Dang, what a good deal! You gotta tell me where that coin dealer has his shop!


Level 7

In have a few I like them. Who graded them that there over graded? The seller of a grading company?. To to a dealer. Safest bet. Mike


Level 6

Any local coin shops? Ads in coin publications? My 1st coin purchase was a 1907 Indian cent.

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