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24 Jul 2022

1988 D Reverse of '89

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Hi I'm Sam, and I am 17 years old. I was coin roll hunting a box of pennies a couple of weeks ago and came across a surprise. A 1988 Denver penny with the bold FG initials variety. This is a semi-rare variety labeled as the "FS-901 Wide AM" by PCGS. It is also called Reverse of '89 by many collectors. My example has many zinc blisters and is a nice red and brown. In high grades this coin can fetch a couple hundred dollars. I think that is pretty good considering I picked it up for one cent! I've included pictures of the specimen below.



Level 4

Just another example of “you never know what you might find,” especially coin roll hunting. This is a nice specimen, you should consider sending it in for certification and grading.

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Nice cent . A good FG and good strike . Never give up .


Level 6

Varieties can be very interesting.


Level 6

Nice cent. Welcome. If you are still a YN, not sure when you would age out, you can get a free membership in CONECA. That is a must for error collectors. Nice find. Nasty blisters but great looking.


Level 4

You could do it by emailing CONECA's membership department or calling them. They'll ask a few questions, mostly the same stuff the ANA asks when you sign up to become a member.


Level 2

How would I set up my free CONECA membership?


Level 6

Great find! Cool looking variety! Roll hunting is the funnest! Good luck! ; )


Level 7

Many cents have A good FG. A good strike. The wide AM is in America. Its not graded . I would send it in to be certified. Good eyes!!I would look for the AM that's touching. There are many out there. Keep your eyes out for those. Good luck.


Level 4

Cool. I've never heard of that variety.


Level 2

It's definitely something to look out for. You can identify it by the bold "FG" initials to the right of the Lincoln Memorial. On the normal 1988 penny, the "FG" is very weak and the G looks more like a C. On the variety, the G has serifs. This can be found on both the 1988 Philadelphia and Denver pennies.

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