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16 Aug 2019

US Mint revealed innovation dollar designs

| Larry Smith

A forum post, "What happened to Innovation Dollars "Has been going viral lately. The US Mint revealed the designs for the 2019 innovator dollars for four states. The four states will be pensyllvania, Georgia, New Jersy, and Deleware. They plan to release the coins later this year. Designed by Richard Masters and engraved by Joseph Menna, This coin commemorates the creation of the polio vaccine in 1953. It features a microscope on the obverse. The Georgia coin designed by Emily Damstra and engraved by Micheal Gaudioso Commemorates the Trustees' Garden, the first agricultural experimental garden in America. It features seedlings growing on the inscriprion "TRUSTEES' GARDEN" like it is soil, with an outstretched hand planting seeds. The New Jersey dollar commemorates the invention of the lightbulb with a filiment that could last 1200 hours. It pictures the Edison Lightbulb on the obverse. This coin is designed by Paul C. Balan and is engraved by Phebe Hemphill. Last but not least, the deleware coin, designed by Donna Weaver and engraved by Joseph Menna commemorates Annie Jump Cannon who developed a star-classifying system that we still use today. For more coin updates, visit my blog and follow me.
Source: CoinWeekhttps://coinweek.com/us-mint-news/united-states-mint-unveiled-2019-american-innovation-1-coin-program-designs/



Level 4

if i get one, im going for my home state, Georgia, Definately.


Level 6

I may get the Polio vaccine one. If you are an old dude, like me, you will remember standing in line, at school waiting for the shot. I missed the sugar cube that came later. Always some kid would hit the dirt getting the shot. Thanks.

Mike B

Level 6

They did make them for allnstates. Those were the first four.. Just get mint all you won't need to put all that up. Thanks.

Hmmm, haven't gotten an Ino dollar yet.....


Level 5

Interesting series. If you like them, add them to your collection. All of them will be UNC or proofs.

Just Mokie

Level 5

The designs themselves are not bad, I really like the Delaware Dollar as I am a wanna be astronomer. I am wondering if they will sell them individually after the initial set.

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