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15 Aug 2019

worlds fair of money pittsburgh

| Larry Smith

I am really excited to go to my first world's fair of money in pittsburgh. I have never been to any coin show besides my local coin show. Usually, I bringcash and trading silver to my local coin show. What should I bring to the WFM? What is it like to see coins sell for $1,000,000? How big is it? How does it vary from my local monthly coin show?



Level 5

Being able to view million dollar coins on display is always a thrill for me. Just to stare and dream of owning such coins. I have many numismatic friends from across the country that I only see at large shows. It's just a pleasure to sit and talk nothing but coins for hours. At home and outside my club nobody I know collects coins. Coin shows are a giant gathering of like minds! As far as what you bring to spend, it's critical that you establish a strict budget for yourself because you will come under what seems like an infinite number of temptations!

I haven't been to the WFM , though I want to one day. It seems the others have covered the questions....


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You will b e overwhelmed. Just go slow and relax. If you are a guy that checks prices on his phone, nothing wrong with that, just step away from the dealers table to allow other in. Just show etiquette. I enjoy meeting the big names that are there. People like David Bowers. Check out the big dollar coins to be auctioned. Just go to the places where they are, like Heritage, and ask to see a certain box number from their catalog. The catalogs will there.. They are usually just in a NGC box. They will bring the box to you. Just sit down and look and hold them. Just like normal coins.. Crazy. Have fun...


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Enjoy your self. Be sure to look at the exhibits.


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Probably should rent a golf cart. I haven't been there but have read many blogs on it. Bring a list of what your looking for.. Find them first because you will see coins you only dreamed of. Go on a budget. And negotiate with the sellers. You will see the keepers of the hobby there.I would bring a shoulder bag for a red book food and water. Now this I know from blogs. I know Mokie will be there he's probably the best to tell you. What he said in his comment and then some more. Enjoy and please pace yourself.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Your Local Monthly Coin show will look like a tiny corner of the WFM. The entire coin industry, all the major players, all the names like Bowers and Mishler and Garett, that you have heard over the years will be there. You can spend hours there just moving your way slowly around the bourse floor or you can relax while listening to amazing presentations about coins and other related subjects. Save your trading silver for the local show, you will get no better at WFM, but you will find every coin imaginable at every price range for your spending pleasure. So make sure you have the comfiest shoes, keep hydrated, that Air Conditioning sucks the moisture out of you, make sure you go to several tables and get the prices for your want list before committing, and finally, make sure you buy your food at one of the restaurants outside the convention center (there are many) because convention center food is expensive and substandard. Oh, and consider going to the Spring PAN show in Monroeville to get a taste of a really big con. 7-9 May 2020. More info at pancoins.org

Larry Smith

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thank you so much

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