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23 Apr 2015

Wooden Nickels

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This is more of a request from my fellow collectors I would like to acquire as much information as I can as to the issues of wooden nickels. If you have a wooden nickel would you scan, photograph it, or just send me the information from both sides so that I can start compiling a catalog of as many issues as possible. It maybe an impossible task but I would like to see how many there are issued. send info to rfe01@aol.comThanks


Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Sure thing. I have one.


Level 5

How goes your compilation?


Level 3

Wooden money comes in flat or round shapes. The flats were mostly made prior to 1953 and, with some exceptions, the rounds were made since then because they are cheaper to make. 'Official' issues were done by cities, counties, etc for official functions such as centennials, fairs and festivals. 'Semi-official' issues were for the same purpose but by a non-official organization or business. 'Commons' include coin club, business or some other type for non-official purposes. 'Mavericks' can't be traced as to their origin. Darrell Luedtke of the International Organization of Wooden Money Collectors issued a Guide Book of Wooden Money in April, 2010 that lists over 30,000 'official' and 'semi-official' woods, the history of wooden money, nomenclature and so on. It is a great reference. Compiling a catalog of all issues is impossible since the Old Time Wooden Nickel Company of San Antonio, Texas prints over 6,000,000 woods every year, with the average order being 1,000 woods, so there are over 6,000 different woods printed every year. I collect Wisconsin woods and have over 2,500 different ones. Other members of IOWMC catalog their own states so I would recommend joining the organization to interact with their members. dluedtke8@wi.rr.com

Steven Roach

Level 4

I have a bunch from Colorado, so I will make a post about them for you!

Dollar Guy

Level 5

Thanks - Rick :-)


Level 4

I know a guy who sellsthem if he still has some I will.

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