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25 Mar 2018

My new NGC Weimar German coins

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My German coins after past  NGC failures   under the former combined NGC or PCGS groups were my most popular NGC coin group listing. This group was shown     2239    times.  
I was rated at 2nd best in NGC German 5p & best in 10p 1924-1936 groups before.
Looking for more NGC coin rating points I ordered a NGC MS66 German 1925G 5pf & 1924D 10pf.
These are listed at                                                                                                                           237 points      532 points
Unless some else new pops in,  I should be first in these 2 German NGC groups!  Thks!



Level 5

Would love to see some pics! Loved the informative blog, keep up the good work! Cheers, NM

German coins are some of my favorite world coins to collect. A lot of history there. I recently purchased a 1 Reichsfennig dated 1941.


Level 6

We'd love to see photo's! Glad to see your back blogging again!


Level 6

That's great. Can we see some pics please??


Level 4


Level 7

Is it still up or are you going to put it up. Either way it would be nice to see. And do I understand you you bought these two other coins for blogs? Well we would like to see them. Thanks.mike

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