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28 May 2020


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I look for interesting coins to show to the ANA member Clearwater Coin Club, Inc..As a rule I only look for no problem ms62+ coins. I do not want to lose money if I sell them.A Cob coin is a crude coin struck & trimmed by hand from a gold or silver bar.Cob coins were minted for Spain in the Spanish Mints of Mexico, Peru, Columbia, among others in the 1500's - 1700's.I have rarely seen a NGC uncirculated COB!I purchased a King Phillip II Spanish Peru Silver 1577-88 2 reales.1 Side has a Shield the Reverse has a large cross.NGC reg 4438966-013This coin is currently the ONLY known 1577-88 ms62+ Cob coin. 8 Circ coins also exist.I was the 2nd highest bidder! The Highest bidder could not pay up! I paid less than half I was willing to go!Thanks!



Level 4

Good job! I have never heard of one of these coins


Level 5

Fascinating! Cheers, NM

I. R. Bama

Level 5

That's interesting. I have an 8 reales coin from Mexico from the 1850's and a one Sol coin from Peru circa the same time. I really like both of those coins and they are well stuck and almost unworn. . I m eyeballing them both at AU 58, Maybe I should submit them.


Level 5

Nice win for you. Lets see a picture when you receive it. Never heard of these coins.


Level 3

A really good coin, I personally have never found one but I hope one day to.


Level 6

Great find. I have never seen a cob that round or one even slabbed. Please get us a picture. I saw the one on NGC but they are not very good. Well done and thanks.


Level 6

A good score but a picture of your find would have made it an even better score. (:

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