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21 Mar 2017

RARE 1953 No strap Canada Pl Dime

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Before 1953 Canada minted regular strike & specimen proof coins.  A specimen proof is double struck but usually not as lusterous as an USA proof coin.
In 1953 Canada  issued proof like sets.  Proof like coins are lusterous  better single strike coins.
The first Canada 1953 & some 1954 used a No strap  design.    All other Queen Elizabeth coins have strap design.
NGC and ANACS Proof Likes require a stronger proof like coin reflection.
The test used is:  Can newsprint be read from the reflection on a coin.
I did not see any  NGC 1953 Canada Proof Like coins offered by any dealers.
I previously submitted a 1953 No strap Canada Proof Like set to NGC to try to get a proof like.  All of these coins returned as MS grades.
For the 1953 No strap  dime only  3  NGC proof likes are known! 1 65, 1 64, 1 62.
I saw one offered with no bids.  I emailed & purchased the pl64 no strap 1953 dime.



Level 5

Nice find! I bought one of these a while back, but sold it for a bit of profit.

Sounds like a very lustrous and beautiful coin!


Level 6

Sounds cool, a photo would be great!


Level 6

I heard of varieties in dollars, such as the Arnprior coins, but not dimes.


Level 5

That sounds wonderful. Photos would be great to help visualize the blog.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

thanks for informing us


Level 7

Thanks for the information. I found a strange coin proof a fifty cent piece from those years I think I know where to look now. Thanks a lot. This is what it is about. Mike


Level 5

T hanks for the blog and tips!

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