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26 Apr 2022

Bank Dump Bin Score!!

Coins | CC

Hello coin collectors! this is my second post, and I wanted to give you this (hopefully) helpful coin collecting tip!I had watched a video about someone who had gone to the bank and asked them if he could go through their reject coins (coin that are damaged, oddly sized, magnetic, anything like that). He found a bunch of Ikes, and a silver eagle!! I thought to myself, why don't I try? So I went to the bank, and asked the lady if they had a "dump bin." She said that they didn't, but they have a big magnet in their coin counter to catch foreign coins. She let me look through those and keep whatever I wanted, because they throw it all away afterwards. So I did, and scored a lot of foreign coins! I haven't tried the other bank yet, but I want to soon. Ask your banks about their dump bins! Thanks for reading!!

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