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30 Jan 2022

Penny Roll Searching!

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Recently, I decided it would be fun to search through some penny rolls. From my bank, I got $10 worth of pennies (that's 1000 cents) and searched through them. Here's what I found of interest (I will attach pictures at the end):

1. Most of the 'older' pennies were 1964 or 1964-D. I kept some of the better-condition examples.

2. 10 Wheat cents: 1958-D, 1940, 1937, 1948, 1946, 1944, 19_0-?, and two 1951-S in the same roll!

3. Tenth wheat cent: 1944-D/S. This is anFS-01-1944D-512 ! I'm very happy with this find. (The photo with the yellow arrow is pointing to the over-mintmark).

4. A 1965 and a 1963-D in nice condition.

5. A beautifully toned 1994 (though the picture makes it look dirty, it is really a gorgeous blue).

6. Three Two Cent Euros.

7. A Canadian cent.

8. A safety pin. It fell out of one of the rolls with the coins. No clue how that got there.

Pictures below!



Level 5

Congrats on some great treasure.

AC coin$

Level 6

Good blog and great set of newlly acquired coins. Best of luck.


Level 6

Funny! A safety pin! Looks like you found some cool coins! Good deal! ; )


Level 6

Nice haul. Cool pin. Were these hand rolled or machine rolled?

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Really cool safety pin!

Long Beard

Level 5

I truly enjoy reading subjects such as this. Coin collecting is a personal passion, a matter of preference. Seeing the Lincoln's which you've shared only reaffirms this. Happy hunting!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Very nice blog and great find with your D/S. It is always interesting to hear about the distribution of wheaties and foreign coins in any large group of cents.


Level 7

Good for you. Lots of luck. I keep telling people there are some nice coins out there!!Good.eyes.Therecalled cents!!!


Level 5

Nice safety pin ! Don't find safety pins very often. Overall a nice find. 10 wheats is pretty good. I am about to seed the cent world with a bunch of wheats. Just the ugly ones with that green gunk and dirt. Maybe someone will enjoy finding them have a few hundred wheats to send out into the world. Keep searching. The D over S is great.

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