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07 Feb 2018

1944 Wheat Cent Doubled Die Obverse

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I've been researching US cent errors, and searching my collection, and I've heard many references to 1944 wheat cent DDO cents. It seemed that they commanded no premium. Is this true? If so, why don't they?
Thank you,
Jesse Benzing



Level 4

Or, like in my case it could be machine doubling, which is call damaged.


Level 6

Definitely pick up a copy of the Cherrypickers Guide for US Cents. It's well worth it!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

the cherry pickers guide should have it like longstrider said

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

and if you have pictures that would help identify please share


Level 6

Have you checked out the CheryPickers Guide?? It does look like it needs to be a D over S.. Maybe machine doubling??? Thaks


Level 7

It's the 1944 D D over S In MS 65 red the red book has it at 2,500. It would be wise to pick the book up in April when the new one comes out.


Level 6

Perhaps the doubling is too subtle, not like the 1955.

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