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13 Jul 2020

eBAY Grab Bags......Trap or Treasure?!

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Morning All,
I would love to hear some insight and feedback on the infamous eBay grab bags, where do you stand?!



Level 4

I’ve seen mostly bad reviews on eBay grab bags, as they are a method of money stealing. I have made quite a few purchases on eBay for individual coins though and have yet to have a disappointing experience (my day is probably coming, though).

Grab Bags seem no different than what you find in Junk Boxes. Culls, unreadable dates, etc. I've gone thru them from time to time and picked out something that looked interesting just to take home to figure out what it was, but never got rich doing it.


Level 5

I have not bought any grab bags. I would imagine you could only hope yo break even on value. I doubt any grab bags would have great value over what was paid. It's like searching a bag of wheat cents. Most likely it's not unsearched.


Level 6

I buy coins on eBay (after lots of research)... however sight unseen in a grab bag...no way. ; )

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I buy a lot of bulk foreign coins from my favored shop. I've done pretty well in getting some nice looking coins that aren't worth a lot but did find two in there worth over $100.00 each the last few bags I bought. They sell by the pound at 6.00 so I'm pretty sure I at least break even and maybe a little ahead most of the time. He sells by the pound, I like to buy a couple bags before I go on vacations because my wife turns in earlier than I do and I have something interesting but quiet to do.


Level 3

I can relate, although I have convinced my GF that helping me sort through quarters for my state set was a good idea! I am going to see how I fair with the grab bag on it's way. I set a limit of how much I will pay, regardless of the proclaimed potential profit.


Level 3

I have mixed feelings as well. Found one from a highly reviewed coin dealer who runs a great eBay store. Once I get it I will throw up some pics and see what you all think.


Level 7

Not me. I'm sorry I do not buy what I can't see. Did you review his complaints . Most of these guys have a ton.


Level 6

Never heard of them. I would NOT trust anything eBay. Just my opinion. I could be wrong.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I have never bought one but I have watched youtube videos where they were purchased. There was one guy that was selling honest grab bags, a small coin dealer in New England, but all the rest were not even close to the value of your investment. I would not take the risk unless I knew, maybe by watching a video or reading feedback, that the grab bag would at least be valued at your investment.

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