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04 Apr 2015

Touring Nuremberg by Streetcar Token

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I wrote this highly illustrated downloadable .pdf book to celebrate a collection of 45 tokens in the set. Shown in the cover photo is the obverse that appears on all the tokens. The reverse sides each depict a different architectural feature, historical place, or person famous in the arts and science related to their association to Nuremberg Germany. These were issued in 1920. The .pdf here is to view and save, contact me if you desire a larger version suitable for printing.

Use this link:http://www.filesnack.com/files/ctcl70fj

Let me know if you have any trouble: moneta(at)moneta-coins.com



Level 7

I definitely nth join sites on the web. Never leave you alone and your info is out there. Not all sites are protected.


Level 5

Impressive journal!


Level 5

is Nuremberg where the nurbegring race track is?

Juno Moneta

Level 4

Dropbox is an excellent place to store files of all types in the cloud for storage and sharing (I thought). Thanks for telling me that you have to have a Dropbox account in order to share. Like everything these days there's no documentation so your feedback is a great help. If you want the book please send an email to the moneta@moneta-coins.com address and I'll attach it back to you. JM


Level 6

Couldn't make it work. Wanted me to join Dropbox??/ The website is nice though!!

Juno Moneta

Level 4

I changed to link to another file share, try that one or email - Thanks for your interest. JM

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