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21 Nov 2021

A short but sweet birthday

| A.J.

Hey everyone. Sorry for bit being active in so long. I've been unable to get new stuff for a while now, and i havent had the want to really post about stuff or visit the site, with a whole lot of factors making it hard to progress in my hobby much. But yesterday was my birthday, and i've got 2 things to share.Those would be 2 confederate bills, one a $5, another a $10 piece. They may as well be my oldest paper dollars, but i dont know the real date of printing. I've taken notice to some of the uniqeness of the bills, as the $5 note has a trinary serial number (49997) and the $10 has the top right corner of the next note showing. They're in brilliant condition for being literal paper from the 1860's.



Level 5

Happy birthday. Nice early notes.

Wow! Nice!


Level 6

Great addition. A lot of history with the notes.


Level 6

Happy late birthday. I too have a small Confederate collection. Very cool. Thanks.


Level 5

Nice bills!


Level 5

Happy Birthday. I like notes and paper money, but don't collect paper money. Other than an accumulation of silver certificates and star notes.


Level 6

Hey! Hope you had a great birthday! Those are a couple of beautiful notes! Nice addition to your collection! ; )

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Woooow! Great bill,.. commemorative collection of old times . You are in the right path .


Level 7

Happy birthday!! The year will be on the notes. We All started a little here something later but it builds up over time. . You will get there. Enjoy your birthday!

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