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30 Aug 2019

Unofficial Coinage

Odd & Curious Money | A.J.

did you know that you can buy coins from the Principality of Sealand? did you even know it exists? well, welcome to the world of Micro nations.Micro Nations are small areas of land that someone declared a nation. some examples are as follows:-The Principality of Sealand-Mollosia-the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom-Conch Republic-Liberlandsome of these micronations even have coins.Sealand uses the seland dollar, and you can buy them at www.sealandgov.org (Pegged to the US dollar)the Conch uses the Conch Dollar, (pegged to the UAE dollar)Liberland uses theLiberland Merit, (Cryptocurrency)and Mollosia uses the Valora. (Picked onto a Cookie Dough Standard)id love to see if anyone here has some Micronational Money.

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