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23 Jul 2019

CRAZY gains

Paper Money-U.S. | A.J.

just a few hours a go, i got some AMAZING thing from my grandma! i got:-my fourth 1963 benji half- 2 silver quarters, 1944 and 1964 D respectively-a lot of spendable half dollars and dollar coins, and a bicentennial quarter, 4.75 face-a crisp 1995 2 dollar bill-6 silver certificates, 5 1957 and 1 1935-and the creme of the crop, a great and rare note, a 1923 PORTHOLE 5 DOLLAR SILVER CERTIFICATE!Note: picture is not mine



Level 6

Grandmas are the BEST! You have an amazing one who obliviously knows about numismatics ; ) That's wonderful! Enjoy all the goodies!

The porthole note is an American classic, right up there with the buffalo nickel. Sure wish they did currency like that today.


Level 6

Grandma really loves you. I would send that $5 Porthole into PMG. Just me. It ain't cheap but worth it. Thanks A.J..

It's Mokie

Level 6

Wow, AJ, you have a wonderful Grandmother, My Grandparents passed years ago but I got an 1889, 1896, and 1922 Silver Dollar from them. Grandparents are the best!!!


Level 7

That's a nice haul. Grandma was very generous. It's nice when family gets involved. It makes it more fun. Enjoy those pieces and protect them. Good luck. Pat

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