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10 Apr 2019

Gearing up for NCW

National Coin Week | A.J.

I just CAN'T WAIT for the 96th annual coin week! soo many things happening, like West point Quarters, and apon thousands and thousands of older coins! and this years theme; "discover them past, Envision the future". And our Activities, like trivias, coin designs, and Everything else! gear up, collectors, its gonna be a joyus ride!


It will be fun. If we can publicize this even it will be bigger for the public and more collectors will be introduced.


Level 6

It will be interesting to see how many collector coins are found in circulation. Thanks.


Level 6

Sounds like it will be great fun for all of us!

It's Mokie

Level 6

I understand that PCGS offered 5000 Dollars for the first W quarter turned into them. It has arrived and the first W Quarter is being slabbed. Yet more excitement in the coming weeks as we all search for that elusive W Mintmark.


Level 4

who did it?


Level 7

Gets are ten million quarters being out out from this year's America the Beautiful. Don't look for anything gold but I'm sure the coins will be ok. It depends on the dealer. I just wish the public would know and we could get knew members. Have fun lots of luck to all of you the fun is in the hunt.


Level 4

Waiting with baited breath... ;-)

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