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03 Jun 2019

Huge gains for being at my local coin club for the first time

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today i went to my local coin club to look around for the first time. it was the West Georgia Coin Club. i got a lot of stuff because im a young collector and they went over the roof with free coins. they had a raffle, and i got half of the stuff from the winners(the other half was gold) it was a P&D uncirculated 1984 coin set, a 1963 ben franklin half dollar and a walking liberty copper round. my dad bought a 1907 D barber half dollar for me, another person there gave me a set of 5 proof cents he won in an auction (91'-96') and i was bidding for for a 1896 morgan, but i got it when someone bought it for me for a big $40. and i bought with my own money, a 1868 3 cent piece, a 1965 unc. set, and a 3rd party platinum plated 2000 quarter set from CSN.



Level 4

Sounds like a very welcoming club. You are lucky to have found them. Stick with it and someday it will be you inviting new members in.

sounds like a great club, and a great time


Level 6

It is nice you had a good time. Local clubs can be very rewarding.


Level 6

I hope you and your dad joined that club. Sounds like they want you guys there... Think about it...

It's Mokie

Level 6

Wonderful AJ, I know us older collectors like to help the young ones, we want you to stay a coin collector for life so we always have new blood keeping the hobby strong. I hope you have many other great collecting days ahead.


Level 7

Sounds like you hit the jackpot. Good for you. It sounds like a nice club. Maybe you should join.! It's great when a family member takes interest. It's allot of fun. My son and me put a Nickel set together. It was allot of fun. Keep up the good work. And I hope more good things come your way! And have fun.!!!

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