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19 Oct 2020

I'm not dead

| A.J.

i just want to say i'm sorry for being offline for so long. its just because covid's been hurting my love of going to places like Flea markets, coin shows, and all the such. ill be online more once i start getting more coins/bills.


Happy to hear stay safe.


Level 5

Covid-19 sucks all the fun out of the hobby!


Level 4

for all who are interested in my small gains since April, ive gotten: -50 Venezuelan 2 bolivar notes i got in April or May, from a turkish seller, and took 1 month to arrive. -some 2 dollar bills gifted from a friend at my Church - a french 1944 military note my dad found in a car at work (he works in an auto auction and repairs cars before they sell them) that's all.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Good to hear from you A.J. hope the coin shows start opening up big-time down there in the Peach State. later, Mokie


Level 5

Happy to hear that you are indeed not dead! Hahaha, cheers, NM

I'm with ya. No flea markets, coin shows, and i can't sit around the library and read the papers/magazines. No place to go but the internet.


Level 5

Hoping the Nov coin show in Vegas is still a go. Time will tell, it's not been cancelled so far. Got stir crazy and went to bank and got some quarter and cent rolls while I was out. Now they are sitting on my desk. I'm just enjoying having something to look at. I think I'll stare at them a bit before I open them. lol, the things we do when we don't have our normal access to coins. We will be here when you have more "Stuff" to review. Until then, Later!

We'll be here when you come back!


Level 5

Welcome back ! Flea markets are in operation here in PA. Went to a flea market in Virginia. Pennsylvania Association Numismatics PAN is apparently having a coin show in Pittsburgh end of this month. I can't make this show, which is disappointing. Picked up some nice things on EBAY.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Glad to hear from you and know you are still with us! This virus certainly is an inconvenient thing, isn't it?


Level 4

yeah, but i'm hoping to go to a coin show or 2 next month, i saw one in Marietta coming November 7th. sadly the big one i go to up in Dalton is canceled.


Level 7

We will always be here. Take care of your health. You life isn't worth the price of a coin.


Level 6

Yup, We're all in the same boat. Hopefully things will get to normal soon. ; )


Level 6

OK. We are all in the same situation.

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