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11 Sep 2021

I've ran out of luck

| A.J.

hey friends. i know i haven't posted in a few months now, due to the pandemic, but I've thought it was mostly fine, because things were going back to normal. that assumption was completely wrong. found yesterday and reconfirmed today, i have tested positive for COVID-19. it's been hard to accept it, but i'm having to go into isolation for a period of time that as of now, i dont know. i thought i'd just write this short blog to you guys just to let you all know. stay safe, Andrew



Level 4

i'm negative now guys, thanks :)


Level 4

thanks for all the kind comments, y'all. i just wanted to make sure you guys knew, as this is one of the only ways i can interact with y'all. i'm fine for the most part, we're currently worried that my 51 year old father doesn't get it.

If you are bored, re look at some of your coins!


Level 5

Rest up and take care. Keep us posted on how you are.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Hey A.J., take it easy and stay strong, you will get through this with all your friends both real and virtual cheering you on. Let us know how you're doing if you're able.


Level 7

Do not worry about the site. You take care and do what the doctors say. You will be fine my friend. Nothing is more important than your health. That's what you do take care of your health. Prayers are coming your way!!


Level 6

A.J. Please take care and hang in there. We'll be thinking of you. Blog if you can and let us know how you're doing. ; )


Level 6

Stay strong Andrew. Your young and will be fine. I guess we will give you a pass from blogging for a while. Hand in there. Make sure to l let us know when you are home and free. Thanks.

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