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20 Mar 2021

quick update: a nice little gem

Coins-United States | A.J.

bought this little thing about a week ago, its a 1833 Half Dime in AG condition. it cost me only $24 and i only just got it today.



Level 5

Beautiful coin! I would have bought that coin for that price any day! Thanks for the blog, and maybe consider either making a longer blog or posting things like this as a forum thread, just a thought.


Level 5

Very nice addition! You got it at a killer price too! I respectfully echo LS. While I did enjoy this blog, I would have loved to also see some information about the history behind the engraver, and the allegorical symbolism in the designs. Thanks for sharing your new acquisition, and I hope to hear more from you int he coming days! -NM


Level 6

What a great coin! You got it for a steal, especially since it is already slabbed. Good job A.J.! ; )


Level 6

That's a nice pick up. You've been here awhile now and I would like to give you a little hint. I would like to see you write a bit more in your blogs. You write well and I want to hear more about your topic. Are you collecting this series? It's amazing how inexpensive one can find some slabbed coins isn't it? I hoe you take my suggestion for what it is, just a hint. My opinion. I could be wrong. Thanks.


Level 4

i did add a bit more. at the time it wasn't even an hour since it came in the mail, so i didn't know what to say yet.


Level 7

I have one enjoy it like I do mine!Just take your time you will have more before you know it. Good to see you back. You were missed.


Level 4

sorry that my wordings were vague, i didn't know what to say at the time. here's a bit more detail: the coin's avg. price (according to PCGS) is $37. this is my 2nd Half Dime, my 2nd oldest US coin, and my 2nd NGC graded coin.


Level 6

nice addition to your collection

It's Mokie

Level 6

Now that is a beautiful coin at a great price. Well Done A.J.!!!!!


Level 4



Level 5

Awesome coin ! I like it. Such and old coin and a great price. Nice find. That is a coin I would of gone for.

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