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28 Apr 2019

slight description of my entry

National Coin Week | A.J.

i cant show my coin because i have sent it in already. but i can give a brief description.
My coin is commemorating the 50th anniversary of the first picture of a black hole.
(This actually happend, as you might know)
The obverse shows the photo, with IN GOD WE TRUST, E PLUBUS ULUM, and 2019-2069.
The reverse shows the Earth, with satellite dishes from around the world collecting data for the photo, sending them to a point where it was constructed in Florida, with UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, HALF DOLLAR/ONE DOLLAR/FIVE DOLLARS, and LIBERTY.
It is curved, where the obverse is concave, and the reverse is convex.
the half dollar is clad, the dollar is .999 fine silver, and the 5 dollar coin in .999 fine gold.



Level 4

Great idea! I wish you very good luck!


Level 4

Awesome Idea AJ! That is a very cool design, with a great idea behind it. Sounds like it could be a prize winner, I'll root for you!


Level 6

That's a great idea! I love your idea! Good luck A.J. I'll be holding good thoughts!


Level 4

Very interesting. Good luck to you.


Level 6

Sounds interesting. You described it very well. Good luck..

Good luck, hopefully you win. Great idea and timing though.Stupendous job.


Level 7

I for some reason forget that. Then again I forget everything these days. It sounds interesting. I wish you had taken a picture. Well you described well enough for me. I wish you all the luck. That will be great if you do win. I'm rooting for you. Hope you enjoyed your week. Pat

AJ, did you enter 2119 student design contest? It wasn't as highly publicized, but it is on ncw page

Interesting, I entered also, but I'll wait to describe mine....

It's Mokie

Level 6

Good Idea A.J., you took a current event and turned it into a future commemorative. I hope it is a winner for you, some nice prizes to be had.


Level 4

Very interesting.

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