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12 Nov 2019

This was unexpected

Coins | A.J.

Well, i think im back and fine, one, its been one month and i have not been deactivated- and, whats this? i just got my birthday present penny from the ANA. (Its an common '64 if you wanted to know) and i will continue blog posts here on the site.


Welcome back?


Level 6

You have done your time now be free. Happy Birthday!


Level 7

Welcome back A.J. The A NA gives surprises to all yn's on there birthday so happy birthday also!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Welcome Back A.J. How did your Japanese Coin project turn out?


Level 4

It went well, the teacher's only little criticism was they were not all super modern. but she gave me an spare 10 yen she had in an bag she brought!


Level 4

I got a penny for my birthday too. It was a 1983. Just a nice condition penny. Also they give you 20 YN dollars.


Level 6

Welcome back? Glad you got a nice present ; )

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