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06 Oct 2019

A Kid’s Guide to Collecting Coins by Arlyn G. Sieber

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A Kids’ Guide to Collecting Coins by Arlyn G. Sieber was a great starter point for me. It helped me to start collecting coins past the Whitman coin folders. It held a lot of good information and tips and was very easy to understand. It provides definitions for many of the words used by coin collectors, like obverse - the front side of a coin, and the reverse - the back side of the coin. It also told me to never pick up a coin, unless i was wearing gloves or holding it by the edge or rim. It also went into detail about when precious metals were used in the creations of coins. Like for quarters and dimes, they were made from mostly silver until 1965. Pennies were made with bronze until the discontinuation of the indian penny in 1909. Lincoln pennies then made with copper until 1944, and in 1943, they were made with steel because of the war. It also includes little bits of random trivia and has all the state quarter designs and was really the starting point of my interest in coins. It helped me to start to build my knowledge of coin collecting and without it, I would not be the same collector.



Level 6

Sounds like you are learning. Very good. Enjoy.6


Level 7

Good report one thing there cents not pennys. Keep up the good work. You will like it

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