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06 Oct 2019

Coin Collecting for Kids by: Steve Otfinoski

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Coin Collecting for Kids by Steve Otfinoski was a really good book. Even though it was short, I was able to learn a lot, and it was the book that helped me to start collecting when I was little. I really like all the pictures and all the fun facts. This book even has slots for quarters, although it was published in 2007, before the american beautiful quarters were started, and before the statehood quarters were finished. The book doesn’t only focus on quarters, there are a lot of cool things about dimes, quarters, half dollars, pennies, and specialty dollars/commemoratives. The only bad thing about this book is that the coin holders are either a little too big or too small, so it is either really hard to get the quarter in or it will fall out a lot. But all in all, I really enjoyed this book, and it was really what helped me start my interest in collecting coins.



Level 4

Why are you trying to undermine the YN Dollar system? Shame on you and leave ANA


Level 6

Good read. Thanks..

Prodigy Coins

Level 4

Sounds like a great inspiration! I’d like to know your opinion on the target age of this book.


Level 7

Anything that gets your interest and keeps it going is good. Thanks. And stay with it

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