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06 Oct 2019

The Coin Collector’s Survival Manual Revised Seventh Edition by Scott A. Travers

| user_26879

I got this book from the ANA when I signed up and it took me awhile to read but I definitely learned a lot and it was very informative. There were some complicated topics that I didn’t fully understand and a lot of coin-regarding words that I had to look up, and most of it was pretty much useless until I get older, but the main thing I got from it is that coin collecting is for coin collectors. That they were once used as stocks but that passed after only a little bit due to the fact that they were viewed as stocks, and not as coins, the best thing to collect. It also taught me about tips to detect counterfeits in both coins and ngc or pcg, etc. I also learned tips about grading coins, like make sure the lighting is not too bright, nor too dark. I would recommend this book for someone older than me, and with more collecting experience, but all in all it was a cool book and I was glad that I got it and was able to read it.



Level 6

Good job. Learn all you can..


Level 7

Finding counterfeits will come in time. What ever coins you collect get a book on them. They will help allot

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