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14 Sep 2014

Raw V. Slab smackdown

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Call me Ishmael, but I like a coin I can touch. I like them Raw. I also like circulated coins. To me these are the coins that have lived!

What do you say? RAW or SLAB????



Level 4

Raw, then send in for grading works for me. But I buy the odd slabbed coin from the 2 biggies.


Level 5

Collectors on a budget prefer raw. Just have to be very sure about your grading skills for raw coins!


Level 5

Raw is best though expensive ones need slabs.


Level 6

I agree with user_9998... I like the feel of a raw coin, but you have to protect the investment.


Level 4

Could slabs have an ability to open, then the coin could be accessible? Get the best of both worlds? Or is that impossible? I really like the idea of a raw coin! I agree with "numi nerd" that you don't have the attraction to the holders, but the COIN. I also understand the desire to keep the coin safe and preserved.. Good question "wink wink"


Level 4

Same as user_9998! I usually like them raw, though.


Level 4

Love that RAW vs SLABDOWN WinkWink :) I see what you did there


Level 4

I like raw coins,but I put them in the 2x2 mylar flips so that way if I need to take it out I dont have to break it. I agree with 9998. I also agree with wink I want to touch the coin. To me an uncirculated coin makes me feel like I cant touch it.


Level 5

There are a lot of reasons to slab a coin - most of them are ultimately wrong, imho. Unless you're trying to liquidate a coin, many people use TPGs as a crutch and never really learn how to properly grade on their own and/or don't have confidence in their ability to do so. There are many ways to learn how to properly grade coins and not feel beholden to these companies. Knowledge is power - arm yourself with the ability to grade effectively (this may take a couple of decades however and I'm quite sure there's 'some' expense involved, but that's the reality of what it takes.) Coins are living history in your hand - they often tell a much better story when a slab doesn't interfere. ...And did anyone first get into this hobby because they liked the feel of those cold, plastic holders?! [*This comment is only the opinion of the respondent and is not meant in any way to reflect the policies or opinions of the ANA and/or it's Board of Governors or employees.]


Level 4

I second your opinion Numinerd9


Level 5

Depends on the value. $10,000: slabbed. $5: raw.

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