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02 Sep 2014

Anybody going to Long Beach this weekend or is this subject taboo?

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Sorry, I'm new, I've never been in a gang before. I just joined the ANA, and so inherited the NGC affiliation, I guess.

Is this upcoming weekend's Long Beach Show considered PCGS turf? Why all the silence?  Are we allowed to represent? What are the NGC hand signs? or do we just flash a slab as we cruise past the PCGS Booth? Are we Crips or Bloods?

I have to be honest my loyalties are conflicted. I live 5 miles from PCGS. I work 5 miles from the Long Beach Convention Center. I'm excited about this weekend. I'm going. Wish the ANA was too. Any body else going? 



Level 5

Way, Way too far, but maybe someday.


Level 6

Wish I could have gone...maybe this year!


Level 5

Living in the heartland, anything on the coasts is too far for me to go. PCGS has Long Beach, NGC has FUN, in the end it's really about the coins in the plastic!


Level 5

Too far for me, but my local dealer will be there.


Level 6

The closest I'll be getting is the online auctions.


Level 5

I live a little (lot) too far away... but It sounds F.U.N.!

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