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02 Sep 2014

Baffleing Barber

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I was examining this 1915 Barber quarter through my loupe, trying to get a positive I.D. of what I think is a micro Sjust above/left of the "D" in Dollar, when I noticed a faint but well defined "2" between the center tail feathers and the "R" in Quarter, along with some other anomalies What I'm I looking at?

Wrong Planchet re strike?



Level 4

hard to see from the pic, but if you get your hands on an error book , maybe even a redbook might have an image of something like that - if you have a good local dealer, they might be able to help


Level 7

I don't think so I took some out to compare. But the picture is blurry were I want to see to give you a good answer. Sorry I can't help. Get a book from the library. Y o u will know immediately. Mike


Level 5

Sorry but the photo is to blurry


Level 5

To blurry a picture to see what you are seeing.


Level 6

Interesting find!


Level 5

Photo is too blurry for me on my phone


Level 5

Possibly. I am not super good with errors.

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