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23 Sep 2014

Silver 50th Kennedy set limits?

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I'm looking forward to Oct. 28 and the release of the silver sets. Does anyone know if there is going to be a household limit of 5 on these sets or can we get all that we can afford? I need a dozen just for my nieces and nephews!



Level 6

Due to lack of recent activity I am "un-following" you. Good luck on your collecting.


Level 4

That reverse Kennedy from West Point is a stunner and the SF version as well. But the whole set is a fitting tribute, topped with the gold proof. Magnifique!


Level 5

5 sets per household @ $99.95 each. Sets are still available.


Level 4

Thanks Longstrider


Level 6

I just went to the mint web site. It states a household order limit of 5 sets priced at $99.95 each. It probably is a good idea to make sure yoy are registered at the mint store as they are changing the website this weekend, 9/27-9/30.

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