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20 Jul 2018

Making up for lost time

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Welcome to my first - and only - Blog.

I am a late bloomer when it comes to Numismatics. I am about to be 58 and have only started collecting US Coins less than 2 years ago. At younger ages I recall being interested in Wheat cents, but never took it to the next step. Collecting. I would just hold on to them for a little while and then spend them when I needed to. Now, on the other hand, I search for them intentionally.  In the two years of collecting I have found or purchased close to 4000 wheat-backs of which I still need to go over a bag of 2500. I have no doubt that they most likely have been cherrypicked, but you never know what someone else might miss. 

Along with my cent collection, I also have started a small collection of Nickels, Dimes and Eagle back Quarters. I have a full set of State Quarters - P and D - uncirculated, and I am working on the America The Beautiful Quarters and 5oz pieces. I have even created a display board  that combines the two types of coins.  Adding to the list are partial sets of Walking Liberty, Franklin and Kennedy Half Dollars, Ike and Susy B Dollars, Morgan and Peace Dollars and lastly Silver Eagle Dollars of which I have six graded 70 coins, not to mention a wide variety of Commemorative coins. I guess you could say I am all over the place. Like the title states... Making up for lost time.

What got me started in collecting was boredom. I am a disabled person. In 1997 I suffered an injury to my lower back. After rehab I continued to work and in the latter part of 2014 I was diagnosed with 5 protruding disks ranging from the bottom vertebra up to about the middle of my back (L-1 to S-1). Along with some other medical issues and the amount of meds I am on, I was found to be unable to work and was granted SSDI. The problem was now I had too much time to do nothing. I help my wife around the house when I can and do what I can do outside to keep the HOA off my back, but other than that I was doing nothing to keep my mind busy. 

In November of 2016, I received a flyer in the mail from American Mint about a commemorative coin for only $4.95. It was based upon a musical topic to which I am interested in music. I have been in Choir since the age of 13. That one coin started an avalanche. Now I have coins all over the house. In my "office" (a bedroom where I converted the closet into a work table), on my dining table and on the Breakfast Nook table. Drives my wife NUTS. The important coins are in a safe deposit box of course, but the rest are all over.  So far I have found a few really nice pieces. An older dime worth about $1100.00, a  "Shield" Nickel with a Doubled Die obverse, a Jefferson Nickel with no eyeballs and a nice Morgan dollar for which I traded a complete set of WWII Aircraft coins for.  About a $250.00 even swap. My wife is into WWII stuff.

So there you have it! My first blog posting!  When I am able to transfer some pictures to my laptop I will post some of the better coins that I have so far. 
Until then, feel free to comment on what you have read or if you have questions just let me know. As stated, I am still rather new to collecting and have a lot to learn, but I am reading up on different coins and if I can share knowledge to help someone else, I will.




Level 3

Thank you all for the warm welcome! I look forward to writing more when I have some photos to share as well. In the meantime, I have a question. I am reading one of the Red Books on Lincoln Cents (up to 2008). On the 1932 cent, it says that only about 800k out of over a million made, was released into circulation. What happens to the stock not released? is it saved or melted down? If they are saved, does the mint still have them for sale? Do they store them with unreleased coins from previous years? All questions of a beginner, I know...lol. What can I say. Roger

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

welcome to the hobby and i hope you enjoy it here and as always, have fun. this is a hobby that when done right it is stress free


Level 4

Welcome to the hobby. You are a very good writer. I look forward to hearing from you again. I hope you write another blog. Sounds like you have acquired some interesting coins. Best Wishes for you.

Welcome to the hobby of kings and thanks for sharing! I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog post.

Great write up for your first blog. You sure jumped in with both feet. I would love to hear more about your Musical Themed collection. I love stories of themed collections. I have one coin that has some Music connection. I putting together a collection of coins from places I have visited, I purchased a lovely thaler struck by Hieronymous Colorado, the Prince Bishop (Cardinal) of Salzburg who was Mozart's (father and son's) patron.


Level 5

Welcome, Roger. I hope are enjoying the site. There are a lot of great people here. Most of us are willing to help when you want it. Feel free to ask.


Level 6

Hi Roger! Welcome to our ANA web-site and blog posts. Your first blog was great! Sounds like you are having fun with all of your different collections. Enjoy them and feel free to blog anytime. Lots of friends to be made here ; )


Level 5

Welcome Roger, we are all happy that you have taken an interest in collecting coins. You'll find that this hobby is a lot of fun and that there is much to learn that will keep you very busy. Feel free to post here often and at any time. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. There are a number of people around here that are more than happy to share their knowledge and experience.


Level 6

Welcome! First off, keep your blogs coming. I share a similar story as you, old guy-64, disabled and unable to do much. I'm not the only one like that here either. You are all over the place. Sounds like you are having fun though. Stay at it. I would try to find type or two and learn more about them. Don't listen to me though. I am all over too. As everyone here will say, 'Buy what you like". Again welcome and enjoy. Glad you are with us now!


Level 6

Welcome to the best hobby in the world! Enjoy yr coins. Collect what you like.


Level 6

Welcome to the hobby. It is educational, informative, and fun to blog. Hope you consider blogging in the future.


Level 7

Thanks for the blog. The best thing is you collect whatever you want and enjoy. You have found your way to the right spot the ANA. I hope you keep your internet and remember every coin tells a story and you are never to late. Mike.

Yes, welcome, hoping you will keep writing blogs. It is never to late to start collecting and enjoying the hobby.


Level 4

Hi Roger, Welcome to the community! Coin collecting can be quite an addictive hobby, and usually, it is like an avalanche. For me, I started when I saw a steel cent in the cup holder of my car. LOL. Hope you stay in the community long. ~Matt

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