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14 Jan 2021

Points of View

Collecting Tips | user_27473

Hello to all of my new found friends. This is my first post and I have to make a few we promises before any other sharing. To start , let's be clear on the elephant in the posting world and its my post Grammer. I promise I won't complain about any one else's run on sentences or bad spelling if you don't. LOL and my other is I promise I know way less about coins than what any one can learn from a book or from other collectors and thus I say to all of you from here on out that everything is either my own point of view or a point of view from a collection of sources. Great now you all can see soon enough I mean no harm and although passion for collecting and learning may lead to disagreements in the end we are all the same or similar in this passion. Since I hit the point already let's open that can and see what worms we can get shall we? So I have been collecting for less years than most and hoarding more years than I wished to. You see at first I thought I was collecting, I would buy every wheat roll and every wheat cent and after getting them I would quickly throw them in a safe and lock the door. I bought proof sets and any old coin and again throw in the safe shut the door. After a while I got very disturbed especially standing in line with my 5th safe and 5 or 6 orders in the car already to throw in and shut the door. After doing the cycle one more time I decided to end the ugly cycle I was in, I logged out of all the web sites and started to try and find a more logical way of it and to find out what is coin collecting. Yes I know I did look ridiculous and trust me my place looked like a little Brinks outlet. Anyways, after about 6 months of reading, observing, listening, and months of disturbing all the coin dealers in my area I finally opened my first safe and did what at first I thought would have been sacrilegious and I put on some gloves and opened some rolls. I was like a child learning about Santa being my parents all over again. Not fo mention I was seeing what every one menr about coin rolls off ebay. Lol yeah soo not ever going to recommend some of those sellers now but whats done is done and yet I learned the most valuable lesson of it all. Collecting coins is way more than my first idea and yes I do recommend every one gets involved first with the education of it all. Yet what I realized is that what you get from it the most is what can not be explained in lessons or by harassing the dealers in town. This is not a collection, it is a whole world made up of the past and present. Its a world of kings and queens. Pirates, rulers, wars, and yet all of it is real history. Some of it dark and some of it not so dark. Thats where we all actually take different roads into the actual collecting. We all see things In such different points of views and with grading we an all sorta find the road again but even on the street using a map whats great about it all is we still have room to take another path just to see what our point of view brings us. You and I can both look at a beautiful example of the same coin yet you see the very one side behind the obvious grade I see the straight path of the grade. Yes we both love it and agree to its road being that grade but it goes into your collection and thus allows your point of view to carry on your new joyful collection and I chose the other coin and that just fine. In the end we both preserved a historical beautiful piece ensuring it will see another generation but to us and different points of view have higher values and a must more vast in depth point of view for each coin. So yes coin collecting is more than preserving and more than a grade and yes these are good points for collecting. But to really collect and not be a hoarder living in a Brinks outlet you will have to look with your own understanding of it all, and that is when it will finally become that collection and that is when your going to become a true collector. Thank you and I hope that I havent given you all any bad point of view on my writing. This was a glimpse of the true beginning for me. I did leave of some more embarrassing mistakes and some others but hopefully one day those laughs can see the light of day for now thanks for reading.


It's Mokie

Level 6

By George, I think you've figured it out!!! Welcome to the fraternity of Numismatists. May your brinks hoard yield many a treasure.


Level 5

Thanks for the advice! Cant wait for the next one!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Well, as you learn, think about all the wonderful things you will find in your hoard. Also you can find out what you don't want and sell/ trade to get more of what you really like too!


Level 7

I was lucky . I started in the 1990's and my friend collected. He became my mentor. . He always said buy in your budget . Keep with that you will be o.k. He was right. He also said what they say here but what you like. Not others. And read books. While I could I read a few. I found out every coin tells a story. The research and the history. Now 26 years later I have nice collection. I enjoy going over them. Thanks for the blog. And sharing your knowledge..


Level 6

Six safes!!!! I'm glad you have changed your collection strategy.


Level 5

Welcome to the coin community! Don't worry about having perfect grammar, we all make mistakes. I am glad to hear that you have a better understanding of the hobby now. What do you want to start collecting? Any particular denomination or series? Thanks for the read, and stay safe!


Level 5

6 safes is quite a hoard ! We all know the feeling of impulse buying. I have a few recent medals, but didn't spend to much. Really like them. Never got into roll hoarding. Welcome to the blog area. I always like the blogs with the personal history of how the coins were acquired. The coins are great, but I love the story behind the coin and how you got it. Thanks for a good read !


Level 5

I collect now, but I still hoard lots of older coins! Welcome, thanks for the nice blog. Nuff Said!

You make excellent points, i found myself hoarding when I first started as well, and while I still save every older coin from circulation and put throw them into an older canvas-mint bag.


Level 4

Thanks for sharing so much...enjoyed! Thanks!!!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Glad you are here. I think you are correct and we all started off with just finding/ buying coins and keeping/ hoarding coins, but that spark of interest can turn one into a Numismatist. Someone who learns about the art, history, economics and yes, even the metallurgy involved with our coinage, or whatever aspect of coinage you focus on. I would ask you to reconsider your thoughts about posting blogs. A well written blog is interesting because it is readable. Poorly written blogs are not so interesting because they are difficult to read and are less likely to be read. I think the writer cheats themselves because they are trying to offer something interesting to others. In other words "A job worth doing is a job well done". I'm glad you are here and looking forward to watching your development as a Numismatist as I continue working on my own development.


Level 5

Nice, long blog! Keep em' coming!

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