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13 Feb 2016

ANA Dollars?

| Kid Morgans

Hi, guys!

My birthday was about 1 month ago, and I forgot to ask you guys, but I got $20 in what looks like ANA money. What can you do with it? Thanks!

- Kid Morgans :D



Level 6

Use it at the ANA's YN Auction! Get something good!

Kid Morgans

Level 4

Thanks for the advice!


Level 5

As Kellen pointed out - use them to bid at the monthly ANA YN auctions on great coins, tokens, medals, etc.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Way to go. Happy Birthday, also.


Level 5

and every year in September there is a big YN auction


Level 7

Fist of all Happy Birthday! So they gave you twenty bucks! I wonder if they give anything to old timers! Only kidding. Well make sure you spend it wise. Take care mike.


Level 5

These are called YN dollars. You can earn them from doing all sorts of YN activities. You can find these activities at a page on this website under "Young Numismatists". Anyways, you can spend these dollars in the monthly YN auction to bid for coins.

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