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26 Jan 2016

Ounces and Ounces

| Kid Morgans

I have 3 1-ounce silver coins which I need to know what are worth because I have looked at at least 10 websites on silver which have been recently updated and they are at least $5 apart per ounce and I want to know if you guys know an exact price!

:) ~ Kid Morgans



Level 6

Everybody gave great advise here! Good Luck!


Level 5

That is a trick question, because any coin is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it. Now for bullion coins you know the lowest price based on melt value. But you can never really determine what premium any buyer will pay!


Level 6

You could try http://www.pcgs.com/photograde/ by looking in their photo coin grading. Should help you out.


Level 7

Hi!well the weight is rite. If a coin is graded it should say PF and then a number. Like PF68 or PF69 .Once you check the number you can go on ngc or pcgs web page who ever graded it and put in the account number on the slab it will bring up the coin and price. Ngc and pcgs should be around the same. The other coins that are raw im sorry but can't help you with it. I wound need to see them. A picture would not due them justice because it doesn't show everything.

Kid Morgans

Level 4

No, I don't have pics, but I know they are all 30.1 grams. 1 is a 2013 panda coin which is graded proof. Then I have 2 silver eagles which are from 1991 and 2013. The 1991 is dirty, but in my opinion, the 2013 one is in unc.


Level 5

yes, give the info mike burns asked for. then we could all more easily help you


Level 5

Do you have pictures?


Level 7

Good morning ! First I need to know what type of coins are they. Second are the raw or graded. Three, Where did you buy them. The year. Are they one ounce 30.1 grams? Get back to me with that info and I'll see if I can help you! Take care

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