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24 Jan 2016

Roll Hunting

| Kid Morgans

Roll hunting is great! You can make money by selling some expensive coins that the bank you get the rolls from think are just regular old everyday coins you'd find in your pocket ~ but you know better than them! I only search through nickels and I've found lots of great coins! In the FIRST rollI opened, one of the first coins I found was a 1939 nickel. And there is no risk! Thanks for reading! Bye!



Level 4

I found a couple of silver quarters


Level 6

Roll hunting is the best! Good luck and have fun!


Level 5

Thanks for the blog. Coin roll hunting is a lot of fun. You never know what you might find!!!


Level 5

I have done some coin roll hunting too and have found a 1940 nicel in only 3 nickel rolls and a 1945 D penny recently. best I have found crh but I once found a 1955 or 1958 penny in walmart change a year or two ago. It was in AU-BU conditon

Kid Morgans

Level 4

WOW! A 1955 nickel in AU shape at Walmart? That's lucky! Keep up the good work!

Kid Morgans

Level 4

Oh, really?!?! You found an indian head penny? I once found a silver dime in change from the 60's. Thanks for the message! I'm always on this website, so you can message me all the time! Thanks! Bye!


Level 4

Hey Kid, how much luck do you have doing this roll hunting? - I know back in the '80's I would do roll searches & I would find wheaties, once an indian head was found, & some silver on occasion - I know I still get some winners in my change - I am not saying it can not happen, though it is amazing much is left in bank rolls or change - Last year I did not find much, but the year before I found a fair amount - Continued luck to you !!!

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