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09 Apr 2015

1788 "VOC" Colonial Coin, What is it?

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I am no expert or even amateur when it comes outside coins struck by the US mint for the US, so I have no idea about this colonial coin. Does anybody else know?



Level 7

To me the date is right and the lions are right. It looks to be a conder token made in England. They had no money because of the wars so private citizens made there own. Now the lions are secret t o the coin. They are the animal of England so everything adds up. There are books I'm sure you will find it in there. Mike

Sleepy Dragon

Level 3

This is from wikipedia with an image of your coin. It is a dutch duit. The duit was a copper Dutch coin worth 2 penning, with 8 duit pieces equal to one stuiver and 160 duit pieces equal to one gulden. In Dutch Indonesia 4 duit pieces were equal to one stuiver. To prevent smuggling, the Dutch East India company ordered special coins with the VOC monogram on it. Only those pieces were valid in Indonesia. It was once used in the Americas while under Dutch rule.

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