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20 May 2015

1939 Doubled MONTICELLO and FIVE CENTS Found

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Pictures will be up soon!

I had found a silver buckle metal detecting, with my brother and a friend of his, when I found a silver buckle or template (I will put it up shortly). I showed our friends mother, who has a jewelry business going. All she said is, "You need a loupe!" The following Sunday, she gave me a loupe. I immediately took it up stairs after church to do some investigating. I decided to go through my 1939 nickels that I found coin roll hunting, in search for the doubled MONTICELLO and FIVE CENTS. After searching a while, I FOUND ONE! It is in VG-10 to F-12 condition, which PCGS values at $30 and $50, respectively. What I thought was worth a dime is worth $30.00!!!


Dollar Guy

Level 5

I guess I will never have that feeling of a profit like that if I found one of those gems I would add it to my collection and go looking for a new find. I collect for the fun of it and not the profit. My grandkids might benefit or probably will benefit. I'm in it for the enjoyment.


Level 5

It pays to be lucky:)


Level 5

Storys like this keep all of us continuing to hunt. Thanks for posting.


Level 5

Great find.


Level 6

Cool! Please post pictures! : )


Level 5

Sweet! Yeah, please post pics. A note of caution however - I've found several 1939's over the years that look like the real Red Book DDR, but only had die fatigue and/or strike doubling to varying degrees. Make sure the letters on your coin are showing actual notches on "Five Cents" and "Monticello." I certainly hope you found the real deal!


Level 5

The coin is really worn. If you compare it to another nickel, you will see that the FIVE CENTS is much fatter than on normal strikes; also, if you look closely, you can see doubling. The last L and O in MONTICELLO are the easiest to see.


Level 5

Great find!! You should get it graded and slabbed.

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