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01 Jan 2016

A Dream Come True!


I finally made the purchase and bought the Garrett AT Pro and Garrett AT Pro Pointer, along with plenty of accessories and a Vulcan 360 Pinpointer, which came with the AT Pro for free for December. I have only hunted a few hours and am yet to find a coin, but I have found plenty of relics, big irons, and I can't wait to show my friend, who also has the AT Pro! The Purchase was $750.00 including a $20.00 headband for my oldest brother's camera (he is 10). I first bought the pinpointer and the headband, which arrived on 12/22/15, and then I ordered the AT Pro on 12/21/15, which arrived on Christmas Eve.

Unfortunately, I couldn't do any detecting yet. It was dark when the box arrived, and me and my family had to pack up, and we were planning to go on a vacation. After opening the gifts on Christmas morning, we hopped in the car and left at 11:00 A.M. We drove from central New Jersey all the way up to northern Vermont in record timing-- 5 hours and 54 minutes! Somehow we managed to stop once and at that one stop use the restrooms, let the parents get coffee, and let the dog relieve herself. It was pleasent, and the following day I enjoyed metal detecting. I found two buttons, one with "GILT" Stamped in it, and one with a pattern on the back, with "G > I > L > T >" in the pattern. I then found a button that appeared to have been gold plated on the back, which read "2ND QUALITY / DOUBLE GILT"

We then packed our bags and went over to New Hampshire, where some friends lived. I only detected a small amount for bullets before my hands went numb, and then I packed up the detector. The following day I woke up to 5 inches of snow on the ground! The day after, the snow had reached 8 inches, but we had to get in the car and get going, as we had a long drive ahead of us. We headed south and saw Maine across a river but didn't go in it (it is one of 12 states that my grandfather hasn't been in, and I saw it!), and then we entered Massachusetts, a state that none of us had been in, and then Connecticut, that I have been in, but only me, my 10-year-old brother, and my dad were in. By now it was dark and there was so much traffic! We then came up to the George Washington Bridge, and it is BIG, and I loved showing it to my sisters! Finally, after 7 hours and 30 minutes, miraculously with only one stop, we turned into our dirt road! I feel like I don't want to leave home again, EVER! (With the exception of the coin store)

As for Christmas, I hope you had a merry one. I didn't get anything numismatic, but I got other things that I wanted more than coins!



Level 5

As of 1/11/16, I have found a 1770's Colonial Copper, a 1924 Buffalo Nickel, a 1964 Silver Dime, a couple horseshoes, several buttons and buckles, including a silver WWII button. My friend Ian, who also has the AT Pro, found a 1910 Barber Quarter, Dateless SLQ, 1953 Quarter, and an Uncirculated 1920 Mercury Dime. He is currently beating my at silvers with a score of 6-1, but we still enjoy it! We do best at night!


Level 4

Sounds like fun.


Level 4

good luck and above all have fun


Level 5

It sounds like 2016 will have many hours of fun and frustration. Excitement regardless of the end find! Good luck!


Level 5

That is really true! Sometimes I enjoy myself, sometimes I don't!


Level 6

Good Luck! Sounds like a ton of fun!!


Level 5

It must be so cool and fun to have a metal detector! Hope you get some nice finds!


Level 5

Wow! Congrats on the cool present! I hope you find more than bottle caps! :).

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