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10 Mar 2015


Money Museum | CMCC

Yesterday I traveled to the Money Museum, but I stayed in my own living room! I had been pulling my hair out, trying to find the virtual exhibits, but it is so easy! Here is what you have to do:

Go to "Discover," "Money Museum," and "Virtual Exhibits," where you can go to the Bebee Paper Money, where there are errors, star notes, 4 $1,000 bills, 1 $5,000 bill and 1 $10,000 bank note!
The Civil War exhibit is like being in the Money Museum!!! You just walk around, just don't accidentally stand on your head!
The Virtual Collection is the best part. You can look up the 1913 Nickel and the two 1804 Dollars, along with 685,851,125,984,426,123,184,562 coins!!! Maybe not that much, but a lot! Several hundred silver dollars alone! I would love to go to the Money Museum, but we are about 2,000 miles away.

I also want to thank the ANA for putting up these awesome collections for us to see as we please for free!

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