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31 Oct 2016

Great Deal at Whitman!!! Don't Miss!!!


I'm getting it too!
Strolling on Whitman, I finally saw the deal I have been waiting for:
Last year, I really wanted to get the 2016 Deluxe Edition Red Book, but I couldn't get myself to spend $50.00 on a book. Then the 2017 edition came out, and, as I expected, the out-of-date 2016 dropped to $35.00. One of you guys gave me the advice to get the newer one with the more accurate information. My coin shop didn't have any, so I gave up on the whole ordeal. Today I was lazily strolling through Whitman, not planning on purchasing anything, when I saw it.

For $59.99, a bundle of both 2016 and 2017 Deluxe Edition Red Books were for sale from the normal price of $99.90. Don't forget the 10% ANA Membership Discount (I think it is A1N6A), further lowering the price to $53.99 -- $46.00 or 46% off!!! I am definitely not missing on this deal, as I had been waiting for it.

I hope this isn't an annoying advertisement, but I don't want you guys to miss out on this deal!



Level 5

Excellent luck on your part. Two for the price of one. A real winner.


Level 4

that is a great deal & a great resource !!!


Level 4

Great to know


Level 5

wow! great bargain! i unfortunately dont have the money for those books tough but it isnt really needed by me yet

Amazon has the 2017 Official Red Book, Deluxe Edition for $32.63.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Good call on sharing this information.


Level 6

The deluxe edition is great. I did fine an error in it. It does not list the 1866 2 cent piece.(2016)


Level 7

Congratulations I'm sure you will enjoy the old one and the new! The new one has something on every single penny. Plus so called dollars and a bunch of excellent articles. Enjoy them. And don't forget to see the price changes! Mike


Level 5

Pretty much! In the 2016 edition it shows 67 varieties of the 1794 Large Cent!


Level 4

Every Sheldon, nucom, cohen variety?

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