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05 Feb 2015

How I got my 1913 Buffalo Nickel

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I was relatively new to buying and selling coins on eBay. I found a roll of so called 'dateless' buffalo nickels. I saw a bold 1918 on one, I saw 1935, 1928, and 1920 on some. I won the lot for $10.00. When it arrived, I found a VF buffalo nickel, 1935-S, 1928-S, 1927-D, and 1920 buffalo nickels, and a dateless 1913-S Type 1 buffalo nickel. I was so tempted to keep it, but made up my mind to sell it, and I did, for $6.00. When I received the money, I bought a higher-grade 1913-D Type 1 for $2 off of eBay; so I made $2.50 profit and a buffalo nickel from that one. The 1913-S was PO-1 or FR-2, but the 1913-D was AG-3 to G-4. Pictured is the reverse of the coin.

In the same lot I got an acid treated 1913-D Type 2, the 2nd most valuable date. I now have a roll of acid treated buffalo nickels and several other coins in my collection from the roll, unfortunately with most being acid treated.



Level 7

Now thank you that is a real legal tender American coin and a beauty. Great blog.


cool finds!

Neat finds! Nice coins!


Level 4

Cool find


Level 6

Good job. Sometimes you have to get a coin with some problems to get into it.


Level 6

You have some cool finds! Even being acid treated.


Level 5

Thanks! One thing that's nice is that most coins are from the teens, a few from the early twenties, and 1% or so after 1924. About 10-20% of coins have mintmarks in the average roll, and they are the most exciting to find the date!


Level 4

Great job. Keep hunting!


Level 4

Nice find, and great coins

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