CMCC's Blog

09 Mar 2015

How the Weather can Affect Your Collection


I am a Metal Detectorist. Because of this, winter is not fun anymore. I am now thankful for the turbo-melt in the snow today!

I recently bought a new Metal Detector--with 8 inches of snow on top of rock-solid ground. I still won't be able to metal detect for a while, but I am enjoying the stream in our driveway!

I can't wait to be digging silver again!



Level 5

spring has sprung where I live. it is 55 degrees right now.


Level 5

It was 58 two days ago! But still we are snow-covered.


Level 6

Winter is the time to read and learn more about your hobby/obsession!


Level 5

Yeah! I'm waiting for my March 2015 Magazine to read!

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