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24 Feb 2015

Old Numismatist Magazines, What do You do With Them?

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I am a new ANA member, so I only have 3 'The Numismatist' magazines, but what do you do with the old ones? If you have been a member since, say, the beginning of 2011, do you donate them (like ANA suggests), or do you have a pile of 50 magazines? I plan on saving them, and I really enjoy reading through them.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please comment about it.



Level 5

I keep them.


Level 2

I'm stingy I keep all of mine as well. I am getting old and I read them (like all of my coin magazines) and then I go back through them when I get a chance. I read so much about coins that if I remembered it all I'd be an Einstein of coins. Lol so I keep mine. I will have to do something someday tho I'm starting to get a herd of them and coin world and I don't want to get a fire trap going (if it isn't too late already?) Lol


Level 4

I might be selfish, but I save mine. I still have the first one I received.


Level 5

By now I have five, but I don't plan on giving ONE away except for borrowing or trading!


Level 4

I have found that old numsimatic publications, including The Numismatist, to be very valuable. I have odds and ends of magazines that I have picked up over the years. While, of course, space is always an issue, I secret these stacks here and there for general browsing and maybe reference purposes. Recently, I picked up the 12-month run of The Numismatistic Scrapbook for 1959 and have found the information enjoyable; they provide reading pleasure for an hour or so at a time. Over the weekend, I was considering purchasing a Franklin Press token of 1794. Quite by accident, I was glancing through the January 1965 issue of The Numismatist and came across an interesting article, "Payble at the Franklin Press--Or Is It? This is a two-page article dealing with counterfeits. I purchased these journals for a cheap price and primarily was interested in them because I began coin collecting as a boy in the late 1950s and 1960s. They were a source of nostalgia, both with the stories as well as the ads, but they also contain useful information. Sure, it is fine to donate them and help promote the hobby. Sometimes holding on to some copies is a good idea, too.


Level 5

Give them to the local library.


Level 6

I like to leave them at different places too, so others can read them...maybe get more folks interested in coins.


Level 4

Just take to different places and remove the labels.


Level 5

I remove the address label and take them to any place that I have to wait. And I leave them there!! Like when I go to the doctor, dentist or to the oil change place. All the old issues are now on line so I don't need them.

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