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25 Jun 2015

One Knocked Off the Bucket List!!!

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In the woods on the far end of the property that we live on, there are two creeks. Second Creek is the larger one, but is farther into those woods. I, my brother, and a friend of ours blazed a trail, and we used marks the same way Native Americans did. There are two spots that we like to stop at, one is what I call the 'Lagoon,' where there is a wonderfully clear spot, rocks to cross, a school of fish, a fence with barbed wire in the water, and the best part is that one side of the creek is 6 feet higher than the other, so we have to jump!

We also have the Clay Mine. A massive storm poured 4 inches of rain within 2 hours, and the result? Flooding creeks! The creeks rose so high that the tore into the sides, exposing Clay! We dug into the ground, sidewalls, and even in the creek at one particular spot, and we have pulled about 750 pounds of clay out of there. I believe we have several tons left to get.

While walking over the blazed trail, Titus, my brother, found a part of a plate in the 'Deepend' of the Lagoon, telling me that there had to have been some activity there.
Yesterday, I wanted to go metal detecting, but, being 92 degrees outside, I stuck to the woods. I decided to metal detect IN Second Creek. The water was so low from the lack of rain that my boots were rarely in water. Fifty feet downstream from the lagoon, I got a nickel signal, and up came a pull-tab. Usually this is junk, but not today, it reassured me that there was indeed some activity here. When I was only 10 feet downstream from the lagoon, I got a strong Quarter signal. There was some clay here, but not anything like the clay mine! I dug 8 inches, and was six inches deep in water. Unfortunately, however, my Pinpointer can only go 4 inches deep! I then felt in the clay, when I felt a hard chunk of clay. I felt ridges on the side of the chunk. I pulled it out. I rinsed it in water to see part of Washington's head and the numbers 1, 9, 4, and 3 below it! A 1943 SILVER QUARTER!!!

Nothing else. Well, what a day! We also worked in the garden, played wiffle-ball, and did a variety of other things, and then went to church. It was an overall wonderful day.

My Metal Detecting Wishlist is a follows:
Any Large Cent,
Pre-1930 Wheat Cent,
Pre-Jefferson Nickel
Wartime Nickel,
Any Seated Coin, Any Denomination, Any Type,
Mercury Dime,
Silver Quarter
Half Dollar, Silver or Clad (or both!)
Dollar Coin that makes it home.

Now I can knock 'Silver Quarter' off of the list! I guess I'll change it to Standing Liberty Quarter, instead!



Level 5

Nicely done! And as with gold prospecting and metal detecting - it ain't about having the treasure, it's about finding the treasure. Keep huntin' and may the only signals you hear are for good targets and no trash!!


Level 4

Great! Ever see some of the treasure videos at Youtube? They have guys finding huge silver hordes and small caches. Giant gold nuggets and all kinds of stuff. Makes you want to get a metal detector. I want one to go look around Virginia City and Carson City area.


Level 5

You have to be careful on Youtube, as people sometimes use bad language, but there are two who rarely say it, and their channels are named JD's Variety Channel and Silver Shano. JD lives in Tennessee and finds plenty of silver coins, but most of his silver coins are 1920's to 1960's. However, he successfully tries to make his 400 videos interesting, so they are enjoyable to watch. Silver Shano metal detects in any states of the northeast, and finds colonials, silver dollars, large cents, an 1877 Indian Head Cent, and even a 500 Silver Coin Cache!!!


Level 5

Nice find!


Level 6

What a cool day!!! and a great find! : )


Level 5

Sounds like fun. Keep it up. And think about adding a picture of your find.


Level 5

Ahhh, there's nothing like the thrill of the hunt!!!


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