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20 Feb 2015

Rare Half Cents

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I often wonder about the proof Original and Restrike half cents of 1840-1849. These coins are doubtless very rare, so I often wonder what happened. Did they just stop making them for that period, and only made proof's? Does anybody have an idea? I've never even seen these in the market!


Mr. Wheatie

Level 5

I don't know about those particular dates I would have to go back to a few of my books. Like many other coins in the early days, half cents were only struck for commerce when there was a demand for them. If the banks hadn't made an order for any and the mint still had some in stock they would not mint any until there was a demand them. And you must realize that the general public looked at the half cent as more of a nuisance than anything. They were looked down on more so than the modern cent. Now, there was more to it than that, but that's is the basically how it worked.


Level 5

Thank you for the information, I just learned something new on my own blog! What you said makes total sense. Thank you again, Mr. Wheatie!

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