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01 Mar 2016

Re-Posting Blogs! Unique Coins in the Red Book


Continuing my re-posting of old blogs! I posted this blog almost a year ago (and 50 blogs ago) and it was a hit. I decided to re-post it for easier access.

In the parenthesis is the Grade of the existing coin and where in the Red Book it is found.

Colonial Coins:
NE Threepence  (VF, pg. 37)
Gold St. Patrick "Farthing"  (AU, pg. 41)
(1694) Half Penny, GOD PRESERVE LONDON, Thin Planchet, Brass  (AU, pg. 46)
1670-A Copper Double  (VF, pg. 52)
1785, Gold, CONSTELATIO, Blunt Rays  (XF, pg. 55)
1786, Eagle Obverse, Shield Reverse  (Unc. pg. 57)
1776 Pine Tree Copper  (VF, pg. 58)
1776 Indian Copper  (VG, pg. 58)
1776 Halfpenny, 3 Heads on Obverse  (F, pg. 58)
1787 New York Gold Half Doubloon  (XF, pg. 63)
1787, WM Above Plow  (VF, pg. 70)
1794 Franklin Press Token; Similar, Edge Reads AN ASYLUM FOR THE OPPRESS'D OF ALL NATIONS  (pg. 76)
1794 Franklin Press Token; Similar, Edge Diagonally Reeded  (pg. 76)
1784 Ugly Head, Pewter  (pg. 80)
1792 Gold, PRESIDENT  (VF, pg. 81)
1792 PRESIDENT Extending Below Bust, Copper  (XF, pg. 81)

Contract Issues & Patterns:
NOVA CONSTELLATIO PATTERNS  (5 out of 6 varieties are Unique, the last with 2 known [pg. 86])
1792 Birch Cent, White Metal, G*W. P. Below Wreath  (XF, pg. 89)
1792 Half Disme, Copper  (SP-67, pg. 89)

American Coinage:
1870-S Half Dime  (MS-63, pg. 146)
1873-CC Dime, No Arrows  (MS-65, pg. 152)
1866 Quarter Dollar, No Motto  (Proof, pg. 169)
1866 Half Dollar, No Motto  (Proof, pg. 204)
1794 Silver Dollar, Silver Plug  (SP-66, pg. 216; highest auction price at record [$10,016,875])
1804 Silver Dollar, Second Reverse, Restrike With Plain Edge  (pg. 220)
1776-1976 Large Dollar, Silver Clad, Variety 2  (Unc. pg. 234)
1870-S Double Eagle
1849 Double Eagle (Pattern [pg. 275])
1907 Double Eagle, Ultra High Relief, Plain Edge  (pg. 280)

Private & Territorial Gold:
2.50 NORTH CAROLINA, 20 C. Without 75.G., CAROLINA Above 2.50 Instead of Gold  (Unc. pg. 380)
1850 Half Eagle, With STOCKTON Beneath Date  (VF, pg. 383)
$9.43 Ingot  (pg. 383)
$14.25 Ingot  (pg. 383)
1849 FIVE DOLLARS  (pg. 389)
1849 5 DOLLS  (VF, pg. 390; Plain Edge Possibly Unique

Private Tokens:
1901 Imprint Type, A.W. Clark  (Denver [AU? pg. 408])

16 Colonial Coins
7 Contract Issues and Patterns
9 U.S. Coins
7 Private & Territorial Gold Pieces
1 Private Tokens

41 Unique Coins in 2015 Red Book

There are many more unique coins, but these are the ones shown in the red book.


Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Lots of work. Thanks for the information.


Level 3

I like it! thanks.


Level 7

Hi! If you want to buy the 2017 Red Book Deluxe. The reason I suggest this after I bought the 2016 deluxe I could not believe the price changes! There were hundreds of them! I was shocked! It's worth the money. It has a ton of information the small book has. Look into it I think you will be surprised. Mike


Level 5

Thanks for the advice!


Level 6

Thanks CMCC!


Level 5

Thanks for the updated information and review! Keep it up!

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