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01 Jan 2016

A Dream Come True!


I finally made the purchase and bought the Garrett AT Pro and Garrett AT Pro Pointer, along with plenty of accessories and a Vulcan 360 Pinpointer, which came with the AT Pro for free for December. I have only hunted a few hours and am yet to find a coin, but I have found plenty of relics, big irons, and I can't wait to show my friend, who also has the AT Pro! The Purchase was $750.00 including a $20.00 headband for my oldest brother's camera (he is 10). I first bought the pinpointer and the headband, which arrived on 12/22/15, and then I ordered the AT Pro on 12/21/15, which arrived on Christmas Eve.

20 Feb 2015

My Old Detector Just Sold!!!

Exonumia | CMCC

I just bought my new Garrett ACE-250 Metal Detector! It is supposed to arrive today!

18 Feb 2015

I did it! New Metal Detector on the Way!

Exonumia | CMCC

I've finally bought it! I raised $212 and have bought my metal detector. Unfortunately, it will arrive while we are gone. We are going on a trip to the Sight & Sound Theaters and then to the Creation Museum in Kentucky. I still am very excited for the new metal detector. Again, Unfortunately, I can't use it for at least 3 weeks or so because of the 9 inches of snow on the ground :,(

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