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20 Feb 2016

Re-Posting Old Blogs! How I Started Collecting Coins


I have decided to go over my old blogs and re-post them, that way you don't have to go a million blogs back to look at them. Enjoy!

30 Jan 2015

Metal Detecting, My Finds in One Year

Exonumia | CMCC

I have been Metal Detecting for a little over 1 year, so I should have a roll of silver dimes, right? Actually, that is not so. For Christmas of 2013, I got my best present: a Garrett ACE-150 Metal Detector!!! Unfortunately, the ACE-150 is not very strong, and does not discriminate very well, neither is there any pinpointing. However, this was my first metal detector, so I was very happy. We live in a house built in the late 1700's, so just imagine what could be found!!!

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